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Latest News • ‘Mortdecai’ Premiere in London
Mette   Jan 25, 2015  

New pictures of Amber attending the “Mortdecai” premiere in London with Johnny have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

Mette   Jan 11, 2015  

Finally some new pictures of Amber! I’ve added 117 pictures to the gallery. Enjoy!

Mette   Nov 28, 2014  

Hello hello, as you can see Amber Heard Source is back with an all new main look. The theme is a premade by Grey Street Design and I made the header. What do you think? Comment, let me know!

The photo gallery still has the old theme, but it will probably be changed soon as well. Also you can now access Amber Heard Source at

Mette   Oct 28, 2014  

Amber attended a new event on October 26th. I’ve added 11 pictures to the gallery. Enjoy!


Mette   Oct 25, 2014  

I’ve added a new photoshoot picture of Amber from Vanity Fair. Enjoy!

Mette   Oct 20, 2014  

Back in September Amber attended The Rape Foundation’s Annual Brunch. I’ve added five pictures to the Amber Heard Source gallery. Enjoy!

Mette   Oct 19, 2014  

Hello everyone, Mette here, I’m back as the main owner again. Sadly the person that adopted Amber Heard Source was no longer interested in it, so I took it back.

I hope this coming week to catch up on pictures and such. So check back!